Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Jon got all dressed up!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fable 3 Pie Stand

So Jon got a new video game this week and I guess you can have a Pie Stand. Sounds Dumb to me. It's sequel is already coming out next week.
Fable II

Fable III

Fable III Collector's Edition
(Since Jon thought it was funny I made a Collector's Edition for him so he got a blue shirt and it said Collector's Edition and also had the pink header.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reed Loves CD's

Things Reed likes Yo MTV Jams, Kiki, Fags (Sorry! Homosexuals don't get mad reed.) , and Being Naked. So when I made Cave a CD at work I tried to include that stuff.

I turn 8's into 9's

For the Past Month or maybe longer I have been updating the packaging at work. Its super easy work and you can watch movies and listen to music while you do it, but it slowly drives you insane. Here are a few ways I found to ease the pain.

Before there was Jon there was Eric

Well about 2 years ago, before I started drawing cartoons of Jon. I use to always draw pictures of Eric. He's half white and half Mexican so that means he is all lazy and smells funny. I was surprised about a month ago when Eric showed me all the pictures again. Shocked that he still had them and that they are still funny to other employees and me. There is also a Pic of Colin and Waba two other buddies of mine that Eric and I use to work with. Enjoy.

Colin Dancing in his Cube.

Waba being waba

Eric when he heard Best buy was carrying light sabers

Eric running away from the tsunami cause his girlfriend said he was in trouble even though he lives miles from the ocean.

Eric carrying us at work since he got all of us jobs here.

Eric in line for Star Wars with Colin I forgot Waba drew a dick on colon as yoda

Eric said if we were little I would have throw rocks at him so I drew a pic of it.

Little doodles and comments at the bottom of the page were all done by Waba.